Milk Test

If you’re new to milk testing, but you want to learn and start earning those *stars and production awards for your goat’s pedigrees, get started here. We’ll share everything we can to help you on your journey of milk test, including who to contact and how to get signed up.

The Johnson Family Farmstead gives a brief overview of what you need to do here. Here’s a Goat Gab Podcast with Priya Tuvall that will answer many of your newbie questions! Priya has a starting guide on her site as well as other resources for learning at Cascade Valley Heritage Farm!

Here’s a good place to start learning ADGA DHIR FAQ or, if you are an AGS member, instead read AGS DHI Rules and Procedures.

You’ll need to decide on a test type. This will determine whether you need to become certified to do your own sampling and testing or whether you will require a certified supervisor to test your herd every month. Some test types are not eligible for TOP TEN awards. Contact your DHIA Lab about certification to become an OS(Owner Sampler). Remember, Owner Samplers can test their own herd, but they cannot perform the required Verification Test. You will still need another certified tester to do your VT in order to earn awards. Read paragraph below to learn more.

WA DHIA is a good lab, and honestly the one I use so I don’t know much about others. The lab is where you will send your milk samples and test data(barn sheets). The lab forwards your test data to your DRPC(Dairy Records Processing Center). Washington works with your choice of two processing centers, I personally use Amelicore/Provo. The processing center will be sending you your doe pages, test reports and barn sheets after each milk test. WA DHIA offers a milk testing booklet for $15 if requested, and if you are without a milk testing mentor, I recommend it. WADHIA will calibrate your scale annually by mailing them your scale and sending $12. WA DHIA offers a $5 Certification Test by email to enable you to become an Owner Sampler tester or “Supervisor”, and you must take the test each year to re-certify. You will however need to have another certified individual to perform your required VT(Verification test) because the owner of the herd is not allowed to do this test. If you don’t do a VT, you cannot earn stars. You can help a friend(non family member, non employee)become certified by taking the same test with WA DHIA so that they can perform your VT(verification test). If you would like to get started using WA DHIA as your lab, contact Kathy Sackman or 1(360) 319-8336. Don’t forget to sign up for DHIR with ADGA or AGS to be eligible for awards! The lab will assign your herdcode needed to fill out your registry’s DHIR application.


You may think you are required to be on test for 305 days, but good news, that’s not true! Although, certain test types do require you to be on test for a specified number of DIM(days in milk). The OS (Owner Sampler) AR(Avanced registry) plan does require a minimum of 240 DIM. This blog post by Puddle Haven farm is very helpful, so read on! 305 day milk Test

What do all the numbers mean?! Here’s another great article by Puddle Haven Farm on Interpreting Milk Test Data, so keep reading!

ADGA PT webinar 1 on Basics for the New Herd

Consider joining the below groups on MeWe for milk testing support within the milk testing community, including members who teach milk test classes! You will find much help here>>