Artificial Insemination in Goats

Artificial Insemination in Goats

Videos, Informational PDF’s, and tools to help you learn about AI in goats.


For the Love of Goats Podcast -Artificial Insemination Beginner insight in a fairly quick podcast.


Part 1 Ai series with Rebecca Nix -basic overview of tools used for AI
Part 2 AI series with Rebecca Nix (this was a successful AI resulting in triplets)
Sheep and Goat artificial Insemination Workshop > great information about the anatomy of the reproductive tract with photos for visual learning.
A short, but very detailed video of AI in a goat on the Terry Gipson Youtube channel. Watching the ease with which this man AIs will give you confidence and show you how easy it can be with little fuss and a calm mentality.
How to prep and secure a doe for AI with Dr. Younger > Part 2 AI Series
Basics of AI in Goats> kits and tools needed and some information on heat syncing and breeding season with Dr. Younger.
Semen tank handling and semen storage for AI in goats by Dr. Lou Nuti on the Terry Gibson Youtube channel.
Handling straws of semen and how to re-cane. Keeping good records is important to prevent the need for re-caning, though sometimes it is done simply to utilize valuable storage space.
Estrus Synchronization in goats for artificial insemination, on the Terry Gipson Youtube Channel

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PDF’s, Charts and Reading

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Tools and Supplies for AI

Depstech Wireless Endoscope (non-affiliate link, we do not earn a commission from Amazon, this is for informational purposes only)

While an endoscope isn’t necessary for AI, it is a handy tool that may fit in to your AI program making your line of vision to the cervix less back-breaking as you view at your ease from the screen of your connected compatible device. As there are various types of Endoscopes, you will want to research which will work best for you based on Wifi requirements and compatibility with your devices. The below endoscope was recommended by some unknown goat ai enthusiasts.

glass goat speculum in virgin doe size

Glass Speculums from Sir Echo Farm.

Standard 7.5 inch length, slightly less than 1″ diameter $10 each
Standard Virgin 6.5 inch length, slightly less than 1″ diameter $10 each
All offset speculums regardless of length $13 each

~Made by Sandy VanEcho, these glass speculums are great quality and allow for a more sanitary procedure and smooth insertion with less likeliness than plastic speculums to harbor bacteria that can be detrimental to your ai success. Sterilizing your speculums regularly is necessary whether using plastic or glass. Ask for an Amazon penlight to be included in your order if desired as well.


  • Blue Mountain Genetics semen for sale and collection services. You may be able to pick up your semen along their collection route when they are closest to you, to eliminate the costs of shipping and shipper rental from a third party. Blue Mountain does not offer shipper rental, but you can rent shippers from REI(Reproduction Enterprises)Just give them a call, they’re very easy to work with.

Buck Collection

Registering AI progeny

ADGA(American Diary Goat Association) NEWS: In order for a Buck Collection Report to be authorized as valid for purposes of progeny registration, a DNA type must be on file for the sire(s) collected on or after JUNE 1, 2016. Upon receiving collection reports, ADGA will verify that a DNA type has been recorded for each buck listed. ADGA shall contact the registered owner of buck(s) listed on the Buck Collection Report who do not have DNA typing on file, state the policy effective date (JUNE 1, 2016) and provide information for the purchase of the DNA typing service for hair or semen at that time. Owners shall submit hair (preferred) or semen from the current collection for DNA typing. Once the DNA type report has been received by ADGA, the collection for that buck will then be recorded as valid for registration of progeny via artificial insemination. Semen collected prior to JUNE 1, 2016 will not be subject to DNA Typing requirements. It is the sole responsibility of the registered owner of the buck at the time of collection to ensure that DNA typing is performed in order to register offspring resulting from artificial insemination using this and subsequent collections.

ADGA AI Memo Form